Monday, February 08, 2010

This is what you do when you're sick and dead bored stayin home.

Mah granny said my cheongsam looked like those restaurant waitresses' just that mine is short wtf prev years I got teased 'beh jau mui' for wearing one tube dress now again. Gargh...

Flu is getting worse and stayin home alone is so boring. Never bother to touch my lappy even. I can facebook, tweet, YouTube, even play FB games with mah phone...on bed. Cough is never gettin better as well. I hated cough. Once I open my
mouth, the itch comes haunting me like mad.

Camwhore in alan's car :P not my brother.

This years CNY's gonna be lace and snakeskin fetish-ish :P

I heart this bag from ms. Selfridge hehe cute? :P

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