Sunday, February 28, 2010

CNY Post - Backdated


* Pre-CNY 2010 *

 Venue : Zero Degree




Late post late post. Too lazy to blog. I'm too used to Facebookin and MSN-ing using my mobile nowadays.

Some photos took during CNY.

The usual people and the reason I'm there is for HoeGaarden. lol. The crowd sucks btw.

First taim, wearing maxi dress and I look stupid pairin it with high heels. I wish I'm a lil taller tho.


Love this pic.

My hair looked like Minnie Mouse. :P


* First Day of CNY *

Venue : Kedah


Jeng jeng jeng. 

My fav Bee Cheng Hiang Bak Kua in heart shape lol.


My bro, cuzzy Janice and bro, camwhored like giler. 
My bro's the worst. He camwhored funny and weird pics -.-!!

Too many pics. Most can be seen in FB which I've posted on the day of CNY itself.


My granny =)


Me favourite nephew. He only like to be carried by girls. LOL.

I think he looked a lil like Yoga tho :P


Mocking groundnuts for this lil niece. 
She's da sista to my fav nephew.


'Chuen Ka Fook' - not that complete actually.





Love this pic. Do we look alike? lol.
# The Food #


My fav - steamboat. 


Laksa. The best - can't get it anywhere else.
I swear :P We never fail to have second helping every year.

The food we looked forward to eatin. HAHA. Like pig.


Nasi Kandar. Not exactly my fav tho.
Enough of indian food from office. Urgh.


* CNY 2nd Day *
Venue : Back in Ipoh 

Oh no. Zero Degree again.

The rest was fully booked. wtf.


New member joinin this year. :P



I love this dress. *grins*


Ah Kam! lol



Nobody brought camera =(
Had to use Melissa's mobile to take. 

This post is damn cincai lor. Too lazy to post and upload anyway.

Blogger's uploading tool is not that user friendly. Tsk.

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