Saturday, October 31, 2009

Memoirs of Childhood

OMG finally this layout is done. So tedious. I'm hungry now after spending bout 3 hours googling and figuring out the codings. I'm a newb to all these. Shameful to say I did learn before but due to my bad memory and lack of practise I don't seem to understand some part of the script. I had the urge to download Dreamweaver but thanks to Google. *double sigh* Ah Ji can you please come back to Malaysia and cook me Japanese Food? LOL Kiddin. I wished.

It's Halloween night and I'm home alone =( Sux to have to workin on Sunday mornings. Hmmmm..since this layout is setup today AHAHAH I was thinkin of naming it to somethin which is related to pumpkin. Better not. What is seriously wrong with me?! Too hungry I guess. Should I McD or Nissin Noodle with cheese and loads of veges? Oh no!! I've totally forgotten about the veges. WTF!

Okay. Today's post would be about history. Our childhood. Thanks to my cuzzy NJY who went and post em up. But the pics made my day tho. I shall start one with my brother...Alan HAHAHAHA. wtf.

Cute isn't he? He was freakin chubby and now you know why I call him "fatty" all the time. And the one of the right is NJY of course.

Laughin already? Check my specs out! HAHAHA!

A closer look of my plastic specs which cost RM50. LOL!!! OMG this is so embarassing. 

This is one picture that I had to post. She looked soooo cute but her mama've no idea of what her daughter is wearing. I introduce you the lil penguin, PINGU! AHAHAHAHAH!!NJY you never fail to make my day.

Okay peeps, I'm gonna go make my Nissin now =D *yay*

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