Friday, October 09, 2009

I heart you

This would be my third attemp in posting using iPhone. I'm tired of typing the same thing again :( maxis is testing my patience. Digi rules in 3G man. Sorry to say that maxis sux big time.

Spent five hours loitering at LYP tryin to get our stuffs. Never expect this is tougher and tedious than shoppin for groceries or clothes :P i got the Belkin backpack finally. Though its not the color i wanted but thats the nicest. At least it comes with pink zippers. The padding indise is too. I dont find any Crumplers being sold but theres alot of Gollas and AVF. Same design everywhere. Bores me by just lookin at it. The backpack cost me 179 bucks. I got a pink mice as well as a pink headset XD.

Finally the MBP arrived. Love the outlook but...too bad I've got a VAIO myself. Btw I just figured out that I don't really know how to use iTunes *sob* what a noob. Guess I'd hafta do more readings.

It's 3am and I can't sleep. Gotta work tomorrow and I hate it. Four more days before my next off day and I'm gonna balik Ipoh :) to visit my grandma. I wanna play online game! Halfway downloading KRO *yay* To be frank, of all the MMORPG I've played, RO's the best one ever, except for the too many bots reason, which was the main reason I gave up playin and switched to private server. *grins* it was fun MVPing with your gang of friends. I missed the good old days.

I can't stop myself from watchin One Piece. The price was kinda cheap. 50 bucks for 7 discs. I was tempted to get the whole 6 sets for 300 bucks. But my boo said get one first. I finished 1 disc in a day :P but I prefer manga version though. Less short cut. Detailed and doesn't drag you with *swt* and *gasp* expressions much. No One Piece manga update for this week. Tsk. I hope there's more update for Fairy Tail, Naruto and XXXHolic.

Xoxo =)

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