Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What a day..

Last weekend was spent being my friend Yang's driver. I had to tumpang him to Cheras while he meet up with some clients there while I waited for him in the car. Why on earth do you have to work at 5pm even on Saturdays?!

I was sitting like a dimbwit inside the car taking stupid photos and it was raining outside.

Here we go again..

Rain stopped after an hour..

So I took out my DS and played this..

Shikamaru :P *drooling*

Neji..I played the storey mode and after a few battles..the credits popped up. I was like wtf?! So freakin short lag this game..BORING!!!

Big Brain Academy's Score...ROFLMAO!

Brain Age 2's Score...it's been a while since I played with this..bout a month!

Harvest Moon's sheep..her name is MekMek..and now she's BALD!

Barnyard Blast..couldn't go thru level 3

Brain Assist's score

My bro's 'lil devil'

Before this we went to a cafe in Sri Petaling called Calorie. My fav soup :P

Honey Green Tea

Ice Blended Water Melon


My fav rice..

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