Saturday, March 15, 2008

Happy Bday baby

To my dearest hubby,

Happy Birthday lougong! Tho you're sleepin like a pig when I'm saying this but I just wanted to know that whatever happens I'll be there for you. But I will still care for my Ipoh buddies, and nothing can change that. Hope u'd understand. Sorry for being such a moody bitch sometimes and best of all is having you to put up with my temper. Whatever it is, I wanna wish you all the best and hope the trip we planned is gonna happen this time for real, all right? I love you baby *muax*


lOupO =) 15/03/08

Okay enuff of the mushy stuff..Random pics time

My boo's aunty's dog, Blackie. She's like...15 years of age? I'm not too sure. A very obedient and brilliant dog, but too bad the owner doesn't care bout her. Her body is smelly and full of ticks. When I offered to get rid of em, my boo says no. His uncle doesn't like people intefering their stuffs. Oh what the heck, so I do it secretly in the middle of the night when everyone's sleeping. Imagine having ticks as big as a 1 cent coin on your body sucking the hell outta you. Nobody bothered to touch her. She's a lovely dog. Never fail to give her a pat whenever I come home nor go out.

Getting ready to go out for mag launch event..

Oh at the event I met up with Yen Lu and her pup Sushi...cute isn't she? There are many pics of other dogs..but lazy to upload..not enough time.

Kibbles, the kitty in my office :P Cheeky fella playing with the ribbon all by himself.

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