Thursday, March 20, 2008

e-Shop till drop

I'm gonna be so broke this month!!

The top

Inner piece

Outer top

Black one :P

Top and skirt :)

2 x Pants

Another top..

I've ordered all of these from dorene in LYN. OMFG. My boo's gonna kill me. He thought I ordered two nia. *grins*

And I'm planning to get one of this for my baby :P

Sometimes some people can be such a pain in the ass. Tho you don't really see them anymore, something bout them just haunts you. Even if you deleted their MSN, phone number, or stop contacting people who relates to him or her. Weird isn't it? Their frog breathed mouth just won't stop talking bout you. Beh tahan. You can say whatever you want to your friends. Whatever happened has already happened. Just stop pretending like you belong to the high class society in front of me and then act like you're a very cincai person in front of others. Who knew what you've done behind our backs? Nobody. And you're just too proud to admit the things you did and that you're wrong. Yeah, I'm just one of the very super duper low class girl and I'm very happy I belong to such. I go to cheap cheap mamak and chinese stalls to yum cha one. I prefer to have one bag which I can use to work as well as going out. I don't have like 3 closets of clothes of my own and 2 shelves of shoes. I'm rude. I swear. So there.

*yawns* I'm so sleepy. I'm gonna go home and continue Harvesting my Moon..if you know what I'm talking about.

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