Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dog Gathering @ Kuchai Lama

Venue : Kuchai Lama's Station 1 (this place is actually not a dog's friendly place, but due to one of the LYN member had a friend who's a manager there, specially set up a place for us outside)
Time : 8PM
Attendees : Takata and Rocky, Paige, Sheryl and Willie, Reis and Bebe, and I.

Willie the Shih Tzu and Rocky the Daschund =)

Willie, loves barking at people. Try pointing your finger at him, then you'll know what I mean :P

Paige and Bebe the Yorkie. She's so so so so so super duper cute!!! Reminds me of Meimei =(

Rocky & Willie, loving each other's company

Takata and Rocky.

Bebe & Willie. Bebe seems to be scared of the two furkids. I wonder why..

Sheryl and Bebe.

Bebe on the table =)

Bebe on the chair.

Paige with Rocky. She said Rocky's as heavy as a big rock. HAHAHA.

Last 3 pics...

Having a fun time..

Looking forward to more gatherings...Cheers =)

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