Friday, March 12, 2010

Seen this crazy shit yet?

To all Gaga's lil monsters, 

prolly by now you'd have known.

The long awaited telephone Vid is out *yayyyyyyyyyy*

Check it out *here*

I see there's bad and good comments but don't effin care coz I think it's freakin awesome!! Wooohoo! :P

Me four fav outfit and headpiece *grins*

In the video, this head piece is in blue. Looks plastic but I think it looked like sugar paste :P

Awesome. Ciggie shade with asap lingering. Wonder if it's real and why it doesn't burn her hair. :P Okay prolly it's fake.

My second fav. and beyonce's too!! Wonder woman outfit? wtf lol

And this blazer, I'm okay with it but Aljer said is a must have. Prolly ask my bro to make him one. ROFL~

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