Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy thanksgiving

*yaaaaaay* new tumbler, new job, new saree, new clothes =)

So lil time but there's so much to do! Just came back from Klang and 1U. Saree hunting was tedious!! We went to this retarded mall in Damansara for the Zara warehouse sales. The time was from 11am -8pm. Yvonne, Mel and I were so stressed up with the jam..*urgh* cant figure out how you guys can stay in Klang. We thought we couldn't make it there...but thanks to no thanks eventho we reached before closing time, we felt cheated. HAHAHA!!
Btw, pics will be posted tomorrow night!! Saree's in pink and creamy white. I'm so excited about Yoghi's engagement tomorrow. Weeeee~ I feel so old now that she's getting engaged and I'm not wtf lol

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