Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy birthday v2

The day started with me awakened by the sunlight. I was happily dreaming of Jam Hsiao. He's my new imaginary boyfriend now :P *sigh* Next thing I knew, im actually in my room. Reality hit me hard. Stupidity. Next, me missing the bus while I was crossing the road. Well, the whole days gonna be screwed up. I had to sit alone for lunch nearby to the pick up point waiting for next bus. Hot and sweaty wtf. Calls were okay today but all I wanted to do is to go home. I just hate my job. Sorry to say that but I do and I had to work till 1am wtf. My boo sms-ed me earlier informing that he'd be coming to fetch me from work. How I wish if he's gonna come and fetch me every single day. Why do i have to wait to be treated as a princess only on my birthday? Wtf. Everyday can be my birthday kan? Lol When clock strikes 12am I was bout to leave when Bazril stopped me and said," Yannie you can't leave yet cox we're gonna sing you a birthday song" I was like OMG I am so gonna walk away now. So the whole department sang me a song. Awwww...I was a lil embaressed but happy (mengada lah tu) Love you guys! Love Salome's solo version of birthday song too =) After exchanging hugs and all I headed comes the highlight of my post today :P From afar I saw someone holding a bouquet of flowers standing outside. I went OMG again. Yoghini was like "what happened?" lol awwwww I was so surprised that I can melt wtf. So sweeet...thanks gg (^@^) I was grinning all the way back to Sri petaling to meet up with Aljer and my brother.

Urgh I looked so worn out. Pardon me for the scary pics HAHA

I made my wish and blew it inside the car =) due to the odd hour, we couldn't actually find a place to celebrate so we met up at mamak. The Netstudio one - which was the same place I celebrated my birthday last year LOL. This time we decided to only cut the cake at home.

The cake is from Zen - Choc Indulgence.


Aljer and I

Sigh I looked fcukin fat!!!

Last but not least - a shot with my baby

=) I'm the happiest birthday girl. We did not eat the cake at all after cutting it. Everyone was full.

Camwhoring while goin to work.

Thank you guys for the wishes. Sorry to those which I don't know who you were cause I lost my contacts!! There was even one anonymous guy who called to wish me wtf a facebook friend kononyer.

Good night!!

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