Sunday, November 08, 2009

What made me fat and broke.

Rainy day. Boring day. Off day. Thus, my brother and I went to Pyramid for lunchie at 4PM. We met up with Aljer there. I was introduced to this Zhia's Kitchen Restaurant where they had the best bubble tea.

On the entrance the name was written as Shia's Kitchen but on the menu it's different. wtf.

Jeng jeng jeng. Indeed it was nice one. The tea was special unlike normal teh that we drink =)

Golden Spicy Prawn Rice. Where after we headed to TopShop to get Aljer sister's birthday present. He can get 30% discount for all merchandises. *grins* I'm still waiting for me heart shaped baggie from Miss Selfridge. The best thing is he can also get me discounts from Starbucks, Forever21 and best of all Charles and Keith. *yay* Shopping spree anyone?

The usual caramel machiato. My fav.

I fell in love with a silver tumbler. Soon soon. I'll be getting one. Tee Hee Hee. After that we went home for shower and headed to Kuchai Lama for dim sum.

The crowd was huge on Saturday night. But the dim sum here, for sure, is not as delicious as Ipoh's dim sum. I miss the char siu pao =( Imma make sure to go when I go back this coming weekend. 4 days off in a row. *yay*

Xoxo =)

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