Thursday, September 23, 2010

Petaling Street Delicacies

Situated in Petaling Street, this stall is located along the pavement of the shop lots. If you guys have tried the claypot Lou shue fun, somewhere these, it's along the same road. There's another stall selling claypot chicken rice nearby too.

Four of us went and all the orders are of the size of single servings.

The bakuteh tasted good. Not too heavy but the soup's sweet enough. As I don't take internal organs, no comments given.

Secondly would be stew lamb. This is good. It was served boiling hot. Nice for those who love to eat hot stuff.

Next would be the main attraction - pig stomach soup with peanut. We ordered 3 bowls. The soup is decently sweet. Yummy yummy. The nicest one I've ever tasted. Plus the pig's stomach is very fresh. I manage to try one or two pieces. Tasted like chewing gum lolz.

Total output for this meal - for four pax inclusive of drinks and rice is around 47 bucks. Decent price eh? A must try for the pig stomach soup as it doesn't have much pepper taste like the rest of the shops are selling.

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