Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Sg Besi Wan Tan Mee

Located by the roadside along the Sg Besi highway headin back to Salak South/Kuchai Lama from KL. You'll notice loads of cars parked along ze road. This shop, has been opened for quite some time.

We went for supper. So for the four of us we ordered :-

- normal wan tan mee

- 2 x char siew wan tan mee

- wild boar curry wan tan mee

- additional 6 pieces of "Sui Gao"

- additional 10 biji of wan tan

- 4 cups of sea water coconut

That totalled up to RM37.10. Some ppl said this was serves nice and cheap food. I say, you have yet to taste the best char siew, and Sui Gao yet. The mee was the most decent item among all. Wantan skin was a bit too thick. I bet it wasn't hand made.

Kudos, to the mee =)

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