Thursday, September 09, 2010

Can't sleep post

Guess I'm just an annoyin' bitch who doesn't understand one's personal needs or intention to the extend that this is the main reason that harsh words were being thrown towards me. Sorry guys if I've been neglectin' your invites to yumcha as my mum is back (for only a month, to those who doesn't know. And I only see her once a year) and she was staying at my place for a couple of days. There are some errands that I need to do as a responsibility of her daughter and for the family's sake. It's my fault for not tellin' those who doesn't know. There are more to come. I don't need any help or money, just a shoulder to hang on when I'm tired and a pair of ears to listen to my rants. I couldn't ask for more. Enough said. Self explainatory is such a hassle. To me, I'm more than glad to share with those who really cares. To those who only gave empty words, words are words. I can promise you the moon, the stars but I doubt that I'd be able to do so even if I'm a zillionaire it would still be impossible.


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