Sunday, May 20, 2007

Central Market

I was at the Central Market to visit my Boo last Friday and I had the chance to taste the delicious pork porridge! Lastime he used to tapao for me with extra fried intestines. FYI, I only eat the fried intestines. The rest..*puke*. For those who wanna know, this stall is at Jalan H.S. Lee or something. Quite alot of people eat there but they always don't have sufficient table. Ended up, people will just order take away.

Yummy! It's mine with extra fried intestines!

They have chicken too :)~

As my bro and I were loitering inside the market, we came across this music instrument called "Sampeh". I remembered the name cause it sounded like SAMPAT :P It's made of Bamboo. It's soemthing like a xylophone.

Notice that for each strand it has three pieces of bamboo stuck together. It's a traditional instrument used by the Ibans. Unique!

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