Saturday, May 12, 2007

Dust, Dust and Dust

This morning I had a terrible dream that one big lump of Germaine's fur came off. Hmmm, frankly speaking, staying in where I'm stayin now, isn't a great idea. On the 24th floor together with the construction site opposite the condo, collects more dust than I've ever seen. Can you imagine even if the floor was swept and wiped once every two days, there's still dust with fur and our hair all over on our bed!

It was kinda hard to remove the fur and dust so I used tape to stick em all out.

Urgh! There's more!!!

And dust is the first thing which came into my mind when Germaine had bumps on her skin. *Sigh* I haven't had the chance to bring her to the vet just vet. My car will only be back next week. Pray hard that those bumps isn't what I thought it was..MITES!

Behind her neck

On her thighs!

*sigh* Poor baby! She's been scratching so often.

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