Saturday, May 12, 2007

Comet's 2nd Adventure @ Kai Ma's House :P

The difference between Germaine and Comet's butt :-


Why so "kangkang"?

I tried tying Comet's hair cause he had a thick fur type. Turned out to be quite cute. *giggles*

Trying to bite Kai Yeh's hand when got scolded. This dog is quite bold :P

Sniffing the roll of newspaper used to hit their noses

*Don't you enter my pen! Grrrr..."

Germaine eating Comet's kibbles and vice versa..*faints*

Let's share share!

This top Kai Ma bought for me from Singapore. It's a kimono.

This pink top is bought from LYN..where I had some problem with the seller. TSK!

Guess what Crys bought for me from Singapore?




    I can't believe you actually show the vibrator to public lolzzzz....

    wah they both really super cute man both share share haih so nice to have each other like this huh. next time should let them play more :P

    luckily the clothes is just nice heh

  2. LOLLLLLL i got no time to elaborate man haha did u get urself one? :P lol

    aih both of them really beh tahan la..u try to jaga them u will scare lol

  3. .... u took ur doggie butt pictures... -__-" I think my peekaboo will be very shy if i posted her butt picture in the www :P

  4. LOL i was just wondering coz comet's look weird. i think his butt's fur kena shaved b4 :P


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