Saturday, May 12, 2007

TongPakFu's Bday

These photo are backdated @ March 07. I actually wrote a post on his bday, so I'll just keep everything short and simple.

Preparing for the dinner @ Pit Stop, Puchong. My bro helped to set his hair :)~

This Philosophy top is a present from me! XD

Tiramisu Cake, given as complimentary gift :P

Can I cut the cake now?

Say Cheese XD

Happy Birthday GG!

Mr. Bean and Peng Soon playing with his new Dopod phone

Ah Nam & Orange

Ah tong & Ah nam

Mr. Bean & I

Happy Tree Friends XD

Groupie shot! Notice the mural on the wall behind..


Okay..Fatty, GG, Orange, Cynthia and I went for K session @ Pyramid and we had a big feast on the buffet. Boy the jellyfish was yummy!

Food, food and food!

Sushis - doesn't taste really nice. The rice was a lil hardened.

Deserts! I love em all :P After we sang halfway, there was a girl who came in announcing that there will be a "Soda Drinking Contest" later on. So we are supposed to send a representative to enter. Guess who? Alan the fatty :P

There were about 4 to 5 contestants if i'm not mistaken. And some of them were betting and boasting about crap. Soooo pathetic. Come're old enough to be my uncle and don't act like a child please. Each of them taking their credit card out to show off -.- Tsk!

Each person is given 4 glasses of soda drink and they are required to whollap everything as fast as they can.

Of course, fatty lost! The guy on his left side (too bad din take his pic) dranked so fast but alot of the soda spilled on the table =/ Fatty was given complimentary gift which contains RedBox pen, note book, free tix to some concerts..DUH!

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