Saturday, May 12, 2007

Some Random Photos

Finally, I'm back to my hometown and am able to load all the photos which my brother promised to upload but did not do it. Hmpf! Here are some back dated ones :-

Germaine at Island Cafe, SS2

Bill Please :D

Goblin, The Golden Retriever

Germaine and Comet's 1st Outing @ Winterwarmer's Cafe @ Ikano

Germaine's fur was cut by my naughty cousin -.- Was so angry that I pinched her face.

Grooming time = Ear Cleaning

Just after grooming

That's how she looked like everytime after being combed nicely. she'll shake and looked like a lion XD

Hmmm..Daddy's tongue smells good

Get closer and I managed to get this shot. Haha!

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