Sunday, June 20, 2010

Steven's Corner @ OUG

Goodness gracious I was awakened by serious stomachache today. Must be the food I took yesterday. Ate too much :P

Idk what to eat. Wanted to order their famous chicken chop but it's large. If I can't finish the food, kenalah lecture later. When in hungry I just tend to order alot of food. And yes I was awfully hungry yesterday. I settled down with 5 chicken and 5 lamb satay. And cheese naan. <3

The satay was okay. The lamb satay had alot of fat - which I love but not tender enough. Prolly overcooked.

Cheese naan filled with garlic. Yum yum. I personally love the cheesy naan here cause it's not dried up and flat like how other mamak serves this dish. However, I believe this is not the best one.

Look at the mozarella cheese =) it was heaven.

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