Monday, June 07, 2010


Before you continue, this is a disturbing post filled with words of anger. *strictly not for below 13 lol?*

I'm freakin furious. Was and am still. When I saw a post by Jason in FB. It was a inhumane act - hacking off the limbs of a poor dog, being tortured not for days but weeks. Imagine the pain. Call me paranoid , and over reacting. To the mother effer who did this (and all the similar monstreous act as such) may you burnt in hell and get hacked back in return. It was heart breaking by looking at the photo of the poor dog itself. Her name was Mina. Idk at which country this was but I guess every country does have animal abusers exists. Fcuk you all. Don't fcuking blame on the dogs or cats or any other animals when they over populate. It was the irresponsible act by us humans that have causes these to happening. Heard they're poisoning dogs in Bali and remember Pulau Ketam case? Even my grandmother who's over 80 years old send stray cats to the vet to be neutered/spayed. Shame to all you monsters out there. You can suck your own dick and call you mum a whore. Seeing and looking at the pictures can be heartbreaking. I can't control tears from fallin. I can't go SPCA. I pray that all the poor creatures that have been tortured, dead or not, may you RIP and be strong.

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