Sunday, May 30, 2010


It's ironic when you tend to meet strangers at two diff places on two consecutive days. Keeps me wondering why. Why when the person we knew, that we long to meet, doesn't coincidently appear? At places, we knew that person'd normally go. Are we too smart to assume or are we too dumb to realize that the person might have moved on and have explored a new hang out place?
This girl with DSLR, idk her name, was the person I saw at Starbucks yesterday. Why do I remember her? I don't. Can't recognize her properly till I saw the chubby four eyed guy she was with. And this morning I saw her again. *grins*
This morning, surprisingly, I manage to wake up at 7am to tapao dimsum. For my granny. From Ming Court. Why not Fu Shan? I don't fancy the dimsum there. Prolly the place is too commercialized. Yes, the place was awesome, but they don't provide really good service. Most importantly, the dimsum tasted...ordinary. Nothing extraordinary. Ming Court's dim sum me likey. Because the size is small therefore I can fill my stomach with more options. =)
Btw, I heard Crystal performing Alanis's Ironic. It was awesome, effin love that song, the album.
Chiao, off to get some nap before headin out to Kinta City later.

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