Sunday, May 23, 2010


Venue : Sushi Zanmai , The Gardens

went two trips last week. Love jap food mad. Tho I don't take raw stuff. And this isn't the best but near to mah house. Not a good idea to come during after office hours. Long que especially weekends. Imagine you're so so uber hungry and you need to wait. Yeah I'm impatient :P

appertizer. Chuka hotate and seaweed. Superb I had to say. The seaweeds fresh and it taste a lil spicy. I remembered the first time I tried seaweed sushi my mum made I nearly gagged. But now am lovin it madly. Thanks to ngjeanyenn.

front row - soft shell crab roll with avocado. Nice but not my choice. I don't really fancy sushi rolls.
back row - sashimi roll. I don't take raw stuff. So yeah.

Main dish - cha soba. Best eaten with dashi and chopped leek. Woohoo. They don't serve quaill egg tho. Yummy yummmmm!!

Kimchi hotpot. Which comes with something I hate - oyster. When I requested that the oyster not to be served the waiter was kind enough to offer to change to other type of seafood. Neat.

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