Monday, June 07, 2010

We called it lat kai

Venue : Chicken Hot Pot, Kuchai Lama

Lat Kai, which is in Cantonese, means spicy chicken. Introduced by Melissa and we didn't know what it's actual name was. She said the chicken is so spicy that when you BO you can feel the spicyness at you know where wtf? Lol

Located at the same row as K3K, opposite DoGroom, grooming shop where I send my dog to.

Mini stove placed ready on each table.

This is the medium sized claypot. It's filled half-ly with onions, a lil celery and slices of carrot as seen in pictar. Don't expect chicken to be in big chunks tho.

You may choose from fish, chicken, pork and prawn. You may add your own vege as well (On first thought I assumed this was a steamboat. With rice) but it's on self service basis. You gotta walk yourself to the fridge and grab your own choice of vege.

I was thinking how the heck do we chuck the vege into the pot since it's so filled up? Found out that we may request for extra add on soup - spicy or non.

One thing I dislike about this shop is the service. The Indonesians are damn cocky toward females and try show you cocky face when you don't choke your order out as they approach your table. But towards guys they're damn miang wtf.

Pricing? Can't really remember. Rm18? For a small pot I think. I wanted to post this like a month ago but this iphone's blogger app cannot support when a post is burdened with images. Bummer!

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