Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pointless post

Let's see if this post fails me. If you notice, I mostly use Blogger for Iphone to post. Setback of this app is that it will crash whenever I input too much "essay" and images. Wtf.

Movies lately shown in cinema were awesome. POP, Killers, Karate Kid and A-Team. In order to avoid long queues, I'd rather book ticket online, spend a lil more to get a comfortable seat *grins* of course for movie which is worth the money.

This is a pointless post. Just to test in the app to see if it will crash...again today. Was talking to Crystal about it. Haha. Talking bout kiasuism. I'm bored. *urgh* having to work on a Saturday. I'm not complaining. It's nice cause it's peaceful =) but the gloomy weather makes me want to sleep more...

Crystal, if you can see how dirty my SPG cover is now? Lol I love the cover but it gets dirty damn easily. Show me yours.

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