Monday, August 13, 2007

I had diarrhoea on Saturday morning. Tummy was friggin pain. I poo-ed like 10 times that day? It was the stupid Nasi Kandar I ate @ Darussalam the day before. Yes, the one in SS15 -.- The curry must've been infested with flies and all. My brother and tong lao sai-ed twice the same day. That proofs everything. I wasn't able to attend my colleague's wedding dinner. This is the 2nd one I missed. Paiseh. On that day, I can't manage to even go down and tapao nasi. So I ate Honey Star with chilled milk and hot N creamy mushroom soup. It was a dreadful day I can say. Stayed at home and catched a few animation. Totoro, Graveyard of Dragon Flies, etc etc. That night, went to my boo's place for dinner to celeb my cousin's birthday. After makan, my tummy wasn't feeling well again. Tsk! Damn the curry! Don't ever eat the rendang ayam nasi kandar there =P

P/S : Why can't I enter the title?

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