Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Revolution 4 DS *smirks*

No words could express my feeling when I found R4 is still available. Thank gawd halelujeh! Amitofo! =P Got it from LYN for 200 bucks. I'm left with 100 bucks this month. Hahaha!

Nice box - Made in China

With 1GB MicroSD

Hehehe *excited*

Weee~ The seller actually planned to send it to me personally @ Sunway but since I went to SS2's Pasar Malam yesterday night (I didn't get to eat the yummy laksa! Hmpf) so I told him I'd go over to his place to get it. Putra Condo. Santhi, that's where you stay lolx!

Upon reaching Ridzuan, there's this mad taxi parking outside the guardhouse with flags sticking on it - front, top, back. *sweats* I wonder how he's gonna drive. See those large flags? Talking about Merdeka's spirit.

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