Monday, August 06, 2007

Monday Blues

I hate Mondays!! Looking out at the window, it's raining. Sigh..wish I couldnt go home and sleep. Hmm What did I take for lunch today?

Fried Bihun

Butter Cake my fav =P

I had the house for myself whole day yesterday. After cleaning the house, it's time to shower my baby. She's been going chaos lately, whenever I'm not at home she'll just pee and poo anywhere! In the kitchen la, out from the newspaper compartment la! Dam this dog! I've been wiping like a maid and getting complaints from neighbours. I even told her "Baby, be good lah..ppl complain u got smell jor lah u still dunno anything. Only know how to play!" My boo laughed at me and said "As if she know how to listen bah" Sigh I hope she does.

Look at her shampoo, 2 shampoo, 1 conditioner and lanolin oil. The total is even more expensive than lah! I don't even have so much stuff for my hair!

Hair dryer and towel. Need to prepare 2 or more. U'll know why later.

Comb comb first. Comb out the matted fur.

Hmm camera pixel too low dat's why couldn't see the fur clearly.

Hot water boiler..I had to boil 3 times which is equivalent to 3 pails of water. LOL

Getting ready. Standing very still on the bathroom's floor.

Wet the body first. Head comes last.

After applying shampoo on body then wet the head and do it slowly. I suck in this part cause normally my boo does it. Now he isn't home, so I have to do it myself. Darn!

After shower, she'll run out and head to the sofa to twist and coil trying to dry herself up. Luckily I put 2 towels on the sofa for her. Now you know why.

Look at her fur..oh gawd -.-

After combing, she felt so tired dat her eyes nearly closed sitting on the chair.

Pretty or not? =) *muax* Love my baby

After 1 minute -.- Grrr she did dat for like 10 times. I have to recomb and recomb.

HeHehe =)

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  1. wow..ur dog can stand diam diam let u dog will run like anjing gila one ler..:(..cute cute ur doggie..:P


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