Friday, August 03, 2007

Anniversary Gift

I'm going broke for this two months *sobs* Nintendo is burning a hole in my pocket. Lolx I'm kinda excited tho. Can't wait to get my DS. Mine will arrive on the 6th :P A pink one. I'm getting a black one for my boo. And some accessories from Playasia which cost me about 400 bucks in total. Tsk!

Hard Black Pouch

Hard Pink Pouch

Multi Black Pouch

Multi Pink Pouch

Other than those above, I bought extra extendable stylus, screen protecter bla bla bla. Babi betul the hard pink pouch has yet to be released. Estimated this month. Hopefully soon or else I cancel -.-


  1. Pink looks cute,
    I had a white one but sold it out,
    don't really play with it much,
    waste my money... :P

  2. i wan pink DS!! I WAN I WAN I WAN!!!

    how much ah?


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