Friday, August 03, 2007

Unfortunate Event

Okay, back to dogs. Enough of blogging on my stuffs alone. So what if I blog on dogs? Duh!~ Went to Pet Shack @ Sunway Mentari to buy HeartGard for Maine girl. They don't sell it @ Pyramid's Pet Safari =/

Look at Joan's cuteeeee. There was another Maltese. Didn't manage to take her photo tho.

Don't know her name. Just call her ah girl. lolx

Neighbours complained that they can smell Germaine from outside. To be frank Silky Terrier doesn not have smell even not showering for a month! Darn him. Must be him who complained la. BABI! I'm looking for a landed property to move out soon when contract ends! Meanwhile have to send her back to Ipoh. *Sigh* I'm gonna miss her dearly.

1 comment:

  1. ughh!! hate stupid neighbours!

    hate ppl who don't like animals!!!


    poor u n germaine =(


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