Monday, August 13, 2007

11th August - My cousin, Nicole's birthday. We went to my boo's house for dinner. His mum purposely cooked for her eh. The food was so nice. The soup was specially tasty. Abalone + Dried Scallop + Chicken = Superb! After the cake cutting ceremony we head down town. Btw, the mango cake wa super yummy. I wonder where my bro bought it. Had a blast @ La Queen. Not forgetting the crowd, fully packed with guys (well duh, it's a P club). There were a bunch of guys who went half naked on stage showing off their bods. Some fat guys even dare to take off theirs . Gross! Boy, they sure can do the Shakira moves man. *drooling* To my straight male friends, they were kinda freaked out by the scene. Haha! Sorry guys. This will be the first and last time there man. I guess that's normal. There weren't any gals to check out at all. For me, I don't really mind about the guys part, as long as I enjoyed myself.

Talking bout friends or so called buddies, which I have a few in particular which I often hang out with. I have wanted to blog about this for a long time but forgetful. There are some people who takes things for granted treating friends like tools or equipment. Use it when they like. Else, dump it aside ignoring. Seems that you're out with us, seems like we're humiliating you. Are we that mempersiasuikan? If yes, go on and look for high class people to hang out with. Haha! Some even pull long faces, sitting aside not even smiling and all. Man, what is so wrong with you? Why not go home and get some sleep?

P/S : Photos will be post later on. Due to heavy workload in the office =P

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