Tuesday, August 21, 2007

After dinner, we head off to Old Town Kopitiam. To my surprised they added tables out on the alley with cars blocking the entrance. -.-

Say Cheese!

First thing upon reaching, I headed to the ladies. Can't tahan man. My boo looked fascinated by this thing. He stood there for some time investigating it. Lame!

Trying to take a pic of the alley

-.- Long hands =P Argh so bored. Everyone is at ER. Lol Teddy is at TZ2 but I couldn't go. ARGH! Kelvin's working. I'm saving it for Merdeka =P Can't wait man. Jill and Mayble joined us later. They said they're hungry so we headed off to our next location. Banana looks drunk! Haha. Couldn't walk straight man.

MEeko's so chubby from the back. KEke. Big Butt!

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  1. It's just the furrrrrrrrrrr...Meeko not fat :P hehehehe


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