Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Went for dinner with family @ Tong Hoy Restaurant last Saturday night. I suggested Mar Poh Restaurant but Fatty said Dad wouldn't fancy that place. See what daddy said in the end? Kakakaka!

Upon reaching, I thought there was a wedding dinner going on, but it was a Full Moon Dinner. The chairs were decorated with pink skirtings. Neat but dirty!

Waiting for the right person to come and take our order.

Everyone playing with their phone. Even my dad was talking about handphones. LOL

My granny, with my lil evil cousin. Yes! She's the one lah! Who tortured by dog. Germaine hates her to death! The other day she poke Germaine with her toy till she yelled! I asked the girl what happened. She lied and said Germaine bit her. WTF! She's only four years old. Freakin kid with abusive behavior! I seriously hate her man. She pretend to be nice to my dog in front of me stroking her and all. But when I'm back to KL, she'd step on Meeko, pull Germaine's hair, feed Meeko with food and all.

Nothing to do. Camwhore lo!

Napkin which I hate the most. The smell -.- How can you use dat.

Finally, after waiting for 30 minutes the food arrives. This is called 'Dao Miu' in Cantonese. Not sure what's it called in English tho. Care to tell, anyone?

Sesame Chicken, with strips of cucumber on top. My fav vege =P~

Snow Fish...smoothyner =P

Claypot Taufoo. Yummy. We ordered another dish, Buttered Ming Prawn but after waiting for like 30 minutes it didn't arrive. Everyone had finished their food man. I even had second helping. So my dad scolded them and cancelled the dish. Haha! Thought can get to eat prawns. But my granny cooked Asam Prawns for us the next day. Yummy yum!

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