Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Upon reaching Ipoh, ignoring my luggages, I dashed thru the gate. I've been waiting to see Meeko for ages! When I entered the house, eeeekk, she grew so FAT!!!!!!! But so cute, wagging her tail walking around playing with Germaine, trying to bite her head off, etc etc etc. She's such a dearie. This doesn't mean I dun love Germaine anymore =P

Daddy hugging the two monkeys, always trying to bite each other. -.-

After shower, on the washing machine. CUTEEEE!!

Fluffy baby =P

Bang! Play dead =) Mummy, rub my tummy please.

Sitting on the bed, getting ready to sleep. First time sleeping with us. LOL Hmm I missed both of em so much now that they're back in Ipoh. Wait till I get a house then I can transfer both of em here. Oh ya, yester I went to Nicole Wong's house (I have to emphasize on the Wong because there's so many Nicoles)and her Cocker Spaniel is so cuteeeeee! Too bad she was too active to let me take her pic. My phone was outta battery as well.

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