Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Assam Fish House @ Sri Petaling's Carefour

Venue : 1st Floor, Opposite a dentist and surrounded by few foot reflexology centers. The signage is green in color.

Famous for the Assam fish. The meat is very fresh (at times the quality may downgrade :P) and it'll definitely increase your appetite for second helping of rice. lol.

This is what they called "fu yu yau mak". Though there's menu but some servings isn't available on it. A bit salty but you guys should try their stir fried choi sum with wine. Crazily fresh choi sum ever!!

This is my favorite. Used to be "chicken and lala soup in claypot". Now, they no longer have lala. This is not available on the menu itself. You gotta ask the boss (as the staff there are Indonesians and they aren't sure) or the chef there.

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