Monday, December 06, 2010


Got my new phone *grins* on the spot as they have stock at Sungai Wang's Digi Center. Am so broke this month but the camera was undeniably better than my old iPhone 3G.

Pictar taken by iPhone 3G

By iPhone 4..

See the difference? And the happiest thing would be that I won't be facing problems in playing certain games and apps and also with Cydia. But that's due to lack of effort to update tho :P

And btw before I upgraded me old phone got invaded by Ikee.

See that? Pictar of Mr. Rick appears as wallpaper and it says something like "ikee is never gonna give up.." wtf

Apart from this, my new baby..

Mmmmmm...just love the smell of new vehicle. Haven't thought of a name for her tho. :P

And lastly i proudly present the cutest bear with the softest fur on

AJ (the pink one) was bought from La Senza. Little did i kbow that they launch a new teddy every year xD

Jee would be the one on the right.

Back to the main point..

Everyone's been searchin' high and low for me. Askin me to go Yumcha this and that but I just couldn't respond to them. Why? Things happened too fast and I'm so confused. Time to come clean.

Yes. Tong and I broke up. For like a month ago. Five years and and 3 months' relationship. Gone. It was difficult for us. For me, till today I don't feel good. I'm worried. But I guess it's for the better. I'll explain when I see you guys. Those whom I did spoke to previously kinda know roughly what happened. Thanks for being there to listen and going me advice and all. Appreciate the support. I guess it's time to move on...

That's all I've got to say. Relationship is something between two person. Enough said.

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