Thursday, December 09, 2010

18 and above only please

I can be blunt and curse you like no other business. if it's not because you're someone who's fuckin' dear to me, it would have been messy. There wont be patience and there wont be forgiveness. it doesn't mean you may act dumb. If you don't fuckin' like what you're dealin' with now you may leave. Don't fuckin' mess up my life with your shits! I've had enough of it. You just don't know what I'm dealin with every single day. And if you're so fuckin egoistic then don't talk cock like you're freakin' proud and you don't mind lettin' the whole world know what you're up to. Fuckin' think before you speak dumbass! Freakin' think of your own fucked up attitude first before pin-pointin' on others. You're not a three year old for god's sake. Get yourself a life. A normal one!

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