Saturday, December 18, 2010


Nobody is perfect. Yes. Even my English is so bad IMO that I can't put up a proper post in my blog.

When you love a person, he or she will be perfect to you. But what does it mean when he or she wants you to do somethin' which you normally don't just to impress ownself? Somethin' went wrong?

A girl doesn't need her boo to say she's beautiful, pretty or hot to proof that he loves him. You just need to tell her that you loved her, by actions. Words are cheap, yes. Remember by hard, that whatever you tell a girl, they remember. Not by hard. Just automatically stamped in their mind. On controversy, guys just like saying us, females are troublesome, us are a hassle and so hard to please. That's because you don't know what we want. Guys just love doing things their own way. The way they think that'd make himself happy, it will work the same way to the girlfriend as well. Or. Using the same old way when he was with his old love. Heck.

We ain't blind. We can feel whether it's sincere or when a guy just doesn't feel like doing something. That's called rejection. If there's no so-called-barrier between a couple, why is there silent rejection? It's not first word which presents how a person feels. It's through their first reaction. Nuff said.

It's 2am and I gotta wake up in 3 hours time to fetch my cuzzy from bus station. Yeah, am back in Ipoh for "dong jit". Makan makan tong yuen :P

Gotta catch some sleep! Nights peeps!

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