Friday, December 17, 2010

Nightout with Hou Yeah Pte. Ltd.

Many have been wondering what is hou yeah pte. ltd. We are a bunch of OPPs (occasional party people) from HSBC (HDPM). Happening people from this place <3 Glad to have caught up with you guys. You guys were awesome. (and I bloody well notice that I can't find humans like these people in the co I'm working at HAHAAAAA)

The lads =)

Henry lim the pig! You still owe me your picture.

Bee's furst clubbin' hangout with me. And also his first time meetin the OPP family.


Many had been poppin' up similar question once they see my FB profile pictar.

"Who's Johnson? Your new boo?"

Yeap. *screams to the entire Thanks for all the fabulous positive and negative comments and suggestions - I know you guys cared for me and didn't want me to take the wrong path. I love you guys (especially those who were there to witness what happened).. =)

Go for someone who's not only proud to have you, but would take any risk just to be with you

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