Monday, December 27, 2010

Moving on...

Ever wondered if you've really moved on after a break up?

We've all had lovers and ex-lovers. Some are easier to move on from while others will agonize you for years to come. If you have never had a hard time moving on from a lover, then no, your two-week relationship was not oh my god love. Sorry. 

To me, it depends on how the relationship was ended. Example, due to unforseen circumstances which caused the relationship to end reluctantly, for some reason there's regret whereby even when you've moved on, your heart still misses 'the ex', or comes next the forbidden love, whereby you tried moving on by seeing someone else, but when your ex comes back looking for you, there goes the beginning of an affair. Does time frame really matters? I totally do not believe in that. Unless I think that by just sitting around and wait, a magical wake up will come to you and *poof* all of a sudden you have no feelings for your ex. Why the cling? Prolly, you can't find what you wanted or somehow similar traits which your ex had, and your current partner doesn't compliment your wish list. 

There are times when you're dying to know what's on your partner's mind. Does her ex randomly weasel into her mind throughout the day and you wanted to ask her so much. Of course, you could've predicted her answer. So what's wrong with having your ex coming into your thoughts? A song, a tulip, a color or a dog can simply work. Thinking bout your ex doesn't mean that you haven't moved on either. Hope I'm right to say that.

To some, it might be hard for them to move on. Questions after questions - could have, would have, should have. *kicks* An ex-girlfriend was probably an important part of your life. Did you get the keywords there? It's okay if you didn't; I was trying to be subtle. You can't win everyone over, but she can still be an important part of your life. Instead of pondering about the could/would/should have happenings, think instead of what you want and what you can give, and think of what will happen when you find your next significant other. 

Ask youself. Are you okay with your ex dating other guys? Or girls if you were so charming that you turned her into a lesbo. There is a difference, however, between claiming you're okay while clenchin your first and grindin your teeth, and having a small smirk while you continue talking to that long legged hot chick at the bar.

Bare in mind, if you two made such a great team, then she wouldn't be an ex and you wouldn't have to be moving on.

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