Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fat post

Fat. I felt so super fat of myself =(

For the past five years I've grown fat. On going in fact. The nevertheless increase of fats in my body just doesn't stop. Look at my face it's getting more and more rounded. *boohooooo* fml

You may notice that most of my pics where my head will usually be in a tilted angle (so that my face'd look thinner wtf) Crystal once ask why is my head senget in most of my pictures in FB lol.

See that? Sorry for the pink tint. Guess it was the reflection of iphone4 flash via the speck's pink phone cover.

I've been telling myself to go on a diet for years now - diet before Chinese new year. Same old story every year which, bull's eye, failed. Again and again I'd lie to myself. CNY is like when? One months' time wtf. Even my waist line have grown, I'd (and am still doing it) buy the same size five years back. Shame on me. So much so for the self deceive method. For the past five years I've grown from 45kg to 50kg now. Holy mofo. Pif.

Someone better not get slimmer or else you'd get it. Forget bout the four or six packs. You know who you are and you know what the consequences will be. *evil laugh*

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  1. ^_^ hoho...let's it be...fat fat also cute


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