Sunday, January 24, 2010

Recover Soon

A sudden news shocked me 2 days back when I was informed that my 3rd uncle was admitted into hospital. Apparently, he became paralyzed and unable to speak. We manage to speak to his daughter and found out the truth. He had stroke and was unable to recognize anyone. I felt the bitterness in me. Why these things happen to good people? My dad passed away last year, followed by another uncle who had the same attack. I'm unable to speak of it until now. You don't really see me mention with regards to anythin similar. *frowns* Back to the story, we went visitin the next day. I was told that there's a lil improvement. He is able to recognize people but his speech, slurred. It was a sad scene. I hate goin to the hospital. Not forgettin the last time I was there to see my dad after post-mortem. Urgh, shall say no more of that. People there are sick and it's just sad and bitter to see them there. Like Aljer said, the happiest place there would be the nursery in the materninty ward. So everyone out there, if your family have high blood pressure or hypertension history, it's advisable to go for BP or body check up. Better be safe than sorry.

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