Monday, January 25, 2010

What made us fat

This is a back dated post. Where my cuzzy and her mom came down to KL. *grins*

Venue : Kiku Zakura, Midvalley, KL

We wanted to go Sushi Zanmai @ The Gardens but assuming that day was a Saturday and I could imagine how long the queue is gonna be like. Thus, we settled for this restaurant. I've been to this place thrice before but the service isn't that good when it's crowded. There were six of us and we wanted to sit at the area with paded  cushion area (I don't know what's it called?!) The place where you can put ur leg underneath the empty area below the table. :P but it was reserved. I asked what time was the reservation. She said 7PM. When I looked at my watch it was 7.15PM already. And the waitress actually asked us to sit at the normal dining area and seperate ourselves into 4 per table and 2 per table. We were like wtf and wanted to leave that place but ended up they gave us the place we wanted.

For this, I didn't snap any pics of the food at all cuz we were like hungry wolves, once the food arrived we just ate like lembu. HAHAHA.

We ordered like nobody's business and ended up with a whopping sum of RM470. *sweat*

Camwhore time~

Noticed some nice culinary arts @ The Gardens. *amazed* so cute ner. It says 1kg = RM230.


lovely cupcakes