Monday, January 25, 2010

Best Dim Sum Ever

Venue : Concorde Hotel, KL

Xin Cuisine

The entrance reminded me that I actually came before, years back. But I can't recall I tried the dim sum here before. *wink wink*

It was crowded on a Sunday morning. We had to wait for 15 mins to get a table. But the hall wasn't that big. Not more than 30 tables perhaps.

Should have 7 mandarin oranges, 1 was missing. Don't ask why 7 cuz I don't know. There's a big aquarium opposite which I did not manage to snap pics, due to its glare. After being seated, we took whatever they brought us. So hungry, we can eat a whole cow ;P

Prawn + Siu Mai

A closer shot. Decent size of the prawn, way better compared to other dim sum shops. It's very very fresh too.

Siu Mai. Tasted okay to me. Not much diff cuz I don't fancy siu mai that much.

Here comes my fav one! Effin big juicy scallop (on top) and super fresh prawn dim sum! Everyone was craving for it. LOL Musn't miss this one when you go there for Dim Sum. Price - RM12. This is one of the dim sum which I took note of the price. Too yummylicious. *slurpss* Anyone goin there again please invite me to tag along. 

Vege Dim Sum. Not bad. It has fungus, celery and I'm not sure what else but it's nice. Suitable for vegetarians.

Don't know what it's called in english but 'Wu Kok' in chinese. It comes in a smaller version and it's nice (as per other's comments). Crispy but I did not taste it cuz I don't really fancy fried dim sum.

Chee Cheong Fun. Two choices - Scallop or Prawn.

Century Egg with Pork Porridge. It also comes with slices of ginger and 'tiu pheen' (Not sure what's it called in English but it's the sotong where u use to boil soup, super sweet one) Surprisingly, I manage to finish this. The porridge has a sweet taste and I was cravin for more after one bowl. :P

Egg Tart. Me likey!! This is freakin yummay. Do not miss this as well. It comes in very small size and it cost RM7 bucks for 3. Tasted better than Ipoh's egg tart, trust me.

There's more dim sum to go but I'm too lazy to upload pics. I was told the "siew yuk" is also nice.

Adios =)

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