Monday, January 25, 2010

I've got sweet tooth

Venue : Sweet Chat, 1st Floor, South Court, MidValley, KL

Cuzzy wanted to buy CNY clothes but I was too lazy to walk so I let my brother do the job and I went to Sweet Chat for food. *grins*

Menu was kinda attractive, wanted to order more than 1 dessert but cannot finish. :P

They even have sets for couples.

Grass Jelly Mango with Coconut Milk. Yummy :P You can choose from kiwi, strawberries and I don't remember what other fruits they have. Nyom nyom nyom nyom.

Tuna Sandwich with Chips. The portion's quite large - can accomodate to two pax.

Total is about RM20. Nextime I'm gonna try the waffle. *grins*

Deco for Chinese New Year. Kinda likey the dragonflies on top.


Venue : Oldtown Kopitiam, 3rd Mile, Old Klang Road




Pics courtesy of Desmond Ong and his Canon 450D :P

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