Friday, November 06, 2009

Leavin Hell Hole

Dear Miss P,

Appreciate that you paid a visit. Thank to you I'm unable to proceed with my plans today. I'm suppose to go hunt for a saree in Klang. I've also had appointments arranged with property agents to view houses in Sri Petaling and USJ. *grunts* Cramps cramps cramps. Why are you so troublesome? I hate you =(


The pain is killin me! Gargh! Why? Why on my off day? Wasted! *Grrrrr* Hmmm, but something good actually made me mood not that grumpy today :P Guess what? HAHAHA! I'm leavin the hell hole soon. Yeap yeap. I've tendered my resignation and I'm officially on one month notice. Lookin forward to work in my new company which is the building next to my current office. xD. I can't wait to leave..I'm gonna miss my colleagues so so much. I've learnt alot from you guys. Now now, I wouldn't want to go all soppy like the previous post on Aileen again. We can still meet at the parking lot what. There's no 'pagar' and we can holler out to each other. HAHA.

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