Monday, November 02, 2009

A lie has more life than a cat

Was browsing through one of the profile in FB and I came across his name. It's been a month since I see him. There's a lil anger inside me that burns everytime I hear or see his name. Why is there such people in this world? Would they lie to cover up? Lie to protect their egoism? I don't give a fcuk how people think about me. I believe there are always pretentious people around us who live to get advantages out of others. To the particular mofo that I'm referrin to : you can come effing talk to me like nothing happened, I can't. So sorry to say that I suck in socializin. I don't like it and I can't do it, that's it. I'd make sure there's no conversation between us. Nothin to do with you at all.There's always a reason behind every hatred I felt. This is not an exceptional basis. What's the purpose of tellin everyone a lie? Sympathy? Guess you're so into it that the lie had turned into a real fact to you? Is it neccessary to create awareness? I don't mind being the villain here.. I'm so glad this happened because I do not have to pretend talkin to you just not to hurt your feelings.

My latest FB shoutout to you :

Life. In a lie. Are you livin a lie? Well guess you're wastin the vast majority of your life doing something you like. Not being self-righteous or biased tho =)

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