Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Germaine and I

A lil update on Germaine..

Her fur's growing thicker and longer *hearts*

This is what she do when I'm out doing laundry, or doing house work. I bet she's like this even when she's alone at home. =( Breaks my heart when I see her like this. What can we do? Muslim country and dogs are not welcomed everywhere we go.

After grooming - Germaine managed to bruised the groomer Jie Jie's leg when she was trying to make poodle cut for her paws. wtf.

Blown by the wind. Hee..

And me..preparing to go work =( I hate evening shift. I screwed up all my sign on time cause there aren't enough PC for everyone. I want my morning shift back!!

Went to this Japanese Restaurant last week with Fei Hung in Kuchai Lama..

Fodd's normal and the price's expensive than Sushi King. *shakes head*

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