Saturday, May 23, 2009

Battle of the Band

If you noticed, I did mentioned that I can't wait for the Battle of the Band finals in FB few days ago. Here are the pics, thanks to Azril. Hee..Thanks for letting me steal your pics. I actually took it before asking for his permission.

If you'd notice the guys in black ASP shirts would be the participants. The name of the band was Spores from Hell. (Singaporeans from hell? LOL)

Gemuknyer wtf! Too close la Azril!

From left : Baizura, Salome aka Amy, Eunice aka Enu and I =D


The Gang

Spores from Hell.

Another fat pic wtf.

We were screaming on top of the lungs when they started performing. Two songs for each band. Suraj was good. *hearts* He can really scream.

Sadly, Spores from hell didn't manage to get a prize. =(

Never give up guys. There's always next year. Hee..

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